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“धीरे धीरे चलते चलते पहुंचो तुम ऊंचाई पर । वकालत की करके पढ़ाई देश को चलाओ सच्चाई पर.”
Nikhi Thakkar, Founder
“What you think, you become. What you imagine, you create.”
Pryanka Sarada, Director

It all started with a VISION

A VISION that caused a young Professional Advocate and Company Secretary think differently. Not very surprisingly, it soon transpired into a big dream. A dream to provide a quality education system aloof from rest. 

Nikhil Thakkar’s Legal Minds is now a name synonymous with CLAT and other Law Entrance preparation in Nagpur. 

Since last more than 8 years, the faculties have been instrumental in shaping careers of Law professionals and is the only institute in Nagpur for Law Entrance.

Nikhil Thakkar’s Legal Minds believes in delivering complete examination preparation through quality teaching and our students playing an important part in nation building. With a team of 5 professional faculty members and experience of 8+ years, our expert faculty also helps  students with  career guidance and counseling.

 Nikhil Thakkar’s Legal Minds is gradually becoming the first choice for any CLAT aspirants across the Central India.

Nikhil Thakkar’s Legal Minds, an idea of an Advocate  started its functioning some years back with a Single Room with a total strength of 2 student. Today, the campus of Legal Minds is well furnished with full amenties and running successfully.

WHY LeagalMinds

Every student, in the course of his entrance examination preparation, wishes to have a support system that helps him/her in efficient preparation, takes care of him/her when he feels down and out, prepares him/her not just for this competition but for the world of competition out there. LegalMinds is that friend, philosopher and guide, all rolled into one.

Why LegalMinds? Here are a few of the many reasons:

  1. Brilliant and Experienced Faculties
  2. Regular Testing and Analysis
  3. Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions
  4. Optimum Batch Strength of 25 Students
  5. Attendance Tracking and Regular Interaction with Parents

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